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Independence vs independence
I’d like to see an independent Scotland. I was happy to vote for independence from the UK in 2014, and for independence from the EU in 2016. My decision in 2014 was made easier by it seeming clear that Scotland leaving the UK would also mean it leaving the EU. Genuine independence.

Now we are faced with the prospect of another Scottish independence referendum, and I am finding it hard to contain my fury at the SNP conflating Scottish independence with, in some manner, remaining in the EU. It is clear that they see political expediency in focusing on a half-hearted pro-European independence for Scotland. Perhaps we should call it “soft” independence.

It may leave us with a choice between independence from the UK, and indepence from the EU. Which is a choice I don’t want this country to have to make. If I have to vote to stay in the UK in order to keep us out of the EU, I will blame the SNP.

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Re: My thoughts exactly

One other thing to add to my larger comment below. Most Scottish exports leave via England and aren't specifically recorded as being Scottish exports; so guesses about proportions of trade are exactly that - guesses. I'm sure the real numbers for trade with rUK will be big - but I'm equally sure they aren't as big as we're being told.

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