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Independence vs independence
I’d like to see an independent Scotland. I was happy to vote for independence from the UK in 2014, and for independence from the EU in 2016. My decision in 2014 was made easier by it seeming clear that Scotland leaving the UK would also mean it leaving the EU. Genuine independence.

Now we are faced with the prospect of another Scottish independence referendum, and I am finding it hard to contain my fury at the SNP conflating Scottish independence with, in some manner, remaining in the EU. It is clear that they see political expediency in focusing on a half-hearted pro-European independence for Scotland. Perhaps we should call it “soft” independence.

It may leave us with a choice between independence from the UK, and indepence from the EU. Which is a choice I don’t want this country to have to make. If I have to vote to stay in the UK in order to keep us out of the EU, I will blame the SNP.

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You're probably right that we disagree on some fundamental things, but I think we likely agree on visibility and understanding of EU institutions. I think they're very poorly reported.

The SNP MEPs produced a booklet for last year's campaign that's actually pretty informative about how Europe works. Obviously it's written from a Europe-friendly point of view, but I think it's worth checking out for some of the functional things that we never see reported: The Wee Bleu Book.

It wasn't produced on paper because it would have exceeded the permitted costs of the campaign.

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