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Party planning
Two reasons for parties!

1/ You are welcome to join us on Saturday from midday to watch the Royal Wedding on TV. Since ER II is providing a finger buffet for the wedding guests, we'll have a finger buffet for lunch. Bring some finger food. Feel free to wear your national dress.

2/ We'll be having our usual General Election Party on Thursday 5 May, starting at 10pm, and running all night as we watch the results pour in. We'll have political party themed foods, and maybe a drink or two.

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I thought the wedding was postponed due to Papal demise?

Its postponed from Friday to Saturday, so it won't clash with the funeral.

awright and there I thought it was gonna be a "until further notice" type thing.

A Wedding Party? Must buy a new hat! :)

I will be with you in spirit, wishing I was with you in person. :(

Sadly, I have things to do this weekend, and a Thursday isn't workable.

Do need to come to St. Andrew's though - and is there a plan for the next feast??? :)

Unfortunately we've got a bit behind with the feast planning. I don't think we'll get anything done before Frogmarch, so it might be a while before we have another feast.

Ach well, I'll see you at Frogmarch, if not before :)

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