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Captain Beth...
...heading up an away mission on the planet Brewster Place.


Thanks to her aunts Elizabeth and Barbara for the new shirt.

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I thought captain outfits were red ;)

Cute enseign though ;)

I think she's an early Kirk-era captain. It's only in films and the new series that captains wear red.

I see. I'm not much of a Trekkie but I used to watch Voyager a lot.

Ah you young whippersnapper. In the original series the Captain wore gold and red shirts died horrible deaths. :)

26 seconds. That's the record for minimum reshirt survival. "Look out, captain! A Klingon! Uurghhh..", if I remember correctly. Oh yes, Beth definitely needs a gold shirt not a red one.

Us oldies remember it well though....


That's fabulous! Just fabulous. Just don't get her one of the bad wrap-around ones; they aren't flattering on anyone (including Shatner).

Live long and prosper. [Very sweet piccie, as per usual. Such a photogenic baby you have...]

Captain my captain!

Oh my God - whats that horrible orange alien monstrosity behind her! Quick - set phazars to blow it to smithereens - it looks like its about to eat that poor little pink thing - arg!arg! oh horrid!

Oh. Its just tigger.

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