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Starbucks in St Andrews
Following kateaw's posting about Starbucks in standrews, I noted that the Community Council debated the planning issues involved (http://www.louisxiv.demon.co.uk/standrewscc/2005/0503minutes.html), and I found myself agreeing with Jane Ann Liston's comments.

Talking of which, we've had plenty of election paperwork through the door, but haven't had any visits from electioneers knocking on doors yet. Maybe we'll have that delight at the weekend.

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Depends if this is the thin edge of the corporate wedge, or whether the odd extra coffee shop will be appreciated. In a town where all the shops are chains (such as Reading) there isn't any character, so perhaps there is something to be said for keeping the place as it is now.

I think my problem with this reply is that there are good arguments in both directions.

One of my acquaintances on the Town Council meanwhile came to ask me to vote for John Redwood. He didn't do that thing with two sets of two fingers making a V, so I came to the conclusion that he was definitely human. But I've already sent in my postal vote so it's too late.

Its not the multinational corporate nature of Starbucks that I object to; rather the unpleasant tea that they serve. And it will be unavoidable, as it will no doubt become a meeting place of choice.

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...and neither O'Briens nor Subway can do a proper cheese and pickle sandwich.

Where is Le Rendezvous?

St Andrews needs another coffee shop like it needs more cold biting wind in the winter, i.e. not at all. And if they ARE to introduce new business to the area, it should support local/Fife needs rather than the needs of a huge corporate (foreign) monopoly. Especially pne that overcharges you for their products! What is needed are more businesses that offer good service, bring more investment into the community, year-long products/services that are not dependent on one market, and by all means local colour. Like Toby and Ems, I go to local businesses to support those that are already here. I love MacGregors and Le Randyvous [See an old March blog of mine for explanation as per spelling] and of course the Eating Place for coffees. I for one will boycott Starbucks, as I already do in other British towns/cities.

There ought to be rules for anywhere serving tea. Tea should be made in a pot, with boiling water, and a china cup and saucer, and served with real milk. Its not hard. The cheapest little cafes can manage it.

There are various places in town that serve truly horrible tea, and its mostly down to affected customs like the Byre's habit of presenting tea as a cup of hot water together with a teabag in its sachet. I've only previously experienced a horror like that while travelling in the US. I assumed that America isn't a tea-drinking nation because they haven't figured out how to boil water.

And not too strong either. We're not builders you know.

We've had a huge pile of elction papers through the document of the flat - which no-one picks up, so the stack in the hall is gradually going...

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