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Birthday celebrations
Its my birthday on 29 June, and to celebrate we'll be dining at the Jahangir buffet, before retiring home for a couple of gins and some cake.

Please let me know if you'd like to come, so I can book the table for the right number. We'll be starting at 5.45pm (the buffet runs up to 7pm) - an early start means that Beth will be able to attend before her bed time.

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Yes please- Yes to dinner and yes to Bendicks...

Oh- finally ran through the B. Sapphire. Sob. MUST...BUY...BENDICKS...TO... REPLACE...

Hmm. Think you might mean Hendrick's gin - Bendicks just don't contain enough juniper...

Interesting Freudian slip of mine. Tho I would not put it past you to have Bendicks on offer as well... chocolate yumminess!

What day is that?

I could do that, if you or Andrew don't mind offering crash space and having me crawl off at an early hour (7ish) if it's a work night?

Its a Wednesday. Could you get to St Andrews early enough?

We'd be happy to offer you accommodation.

I'm told it's just over an hour to St. Andrews - if I worked early to early and left around 4 I could make it. Book me in.

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