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A lifetime of computers

Since recent news stories suggest to me that the next computer I buy may well have an Intel processor - a first for me - I thought it would be a good opportunity to look back at the computers I've owned over the years.

This lists all my main computers, but I've not included the handhelds, or any of the various second-hand 'classics' that I've owned.

1981 - Commodore VIC-20
1MHz 6502A

1983 - Commodore 64
1MHz 6510A

1987 - Commodore Amiga 500
7MHz Motorola 68000
512KB RAM, upgraded to 1MB

1991 - Commodore Amiga 1500
7MHz Motorola 68000

1993 - Macintosh LC 475
25MHz Motorola 64LC040
4MB RAM, upgraded to 36MB

1995 - Power Macintosh 7200/75
75MHz PowerPC 601
8MB RAM, upgraded to 72MB

1998 - iMac
233MHz PowerPC G3
32MB RAM, upgraded to 128MB

1999 - iMac DV SE
400MHz PowerPC G3
64MB RAM, upgraded to 512MB

2001 - Power Mac G4 Cube
450MHz PowerPC G4
128MB RAM, upgraded to 768MB

2003 - Power Mac G4
Dual 1.25GHz PowerPC G4
256MB RAM, upgraded to 2GB

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Since it'll pretty much be a proper PC anyway, I reckon you should convert. ;-)

Well, it would be nice if Virtual PC could run at native speed... all the advantages of Windows, wrapped up in a nice Mac interface.

Don't convert! Think of it this way - Apple moving to Intel chips means MacOS on Intel chips. Suddenly there's an alternative to Windows that doesn't require you to be a geek to install and use it the way that Linux does.

The only Windows I run is in Virtual PC - and it will stay that way.

But an Intel-based Mac is an intriguing prospect, especially as the analysis I've been reading suggests that the main advantage of the move to Intel will be lower power consumption. Roll on the new PowerBooks! (But will they still be called PowerBook if they don't contain a PowerPC?)

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