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That concert
Well, 2 July 2005 will go down in history as the day that Pink Floyd reformed. Not bad. Not bad at all.

And so much better than the original Live Aid, because St Bob wasn't asking for money all the time. Mind you, I've developed a new nervous tic, triggered by the words 'And now over to Fern Cotton'.

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On the down side, it'll go down in history as the day that Pink Floyd reformed. Still, at least we had (what's left of) The Who to make up for it, and mercifully I fell asleep towards the end of the Pink Floyd set!

Bah humbug! I enjoyed the floyd enormously, and was pleased to note that my eyes weren't decieving me when I thought I saw a pink pig-shaped balloon flying through the skies above hyde park earlier in the day. Of course, maybe they just seemed better on the big screens in the park ...

(yes, yes, I was almost there)

Well clearly that was the main point of the day after all.

Personally although the appearance of Fern Cotton was my cue to check on the tennis, I think that the most annoying person in the broadcast was in fact Ricky Gervais, whose smugness to achievement ratio must be the highest of anyone to ever appear on TV.

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