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I've not watched CSI before, but after reading a very positive preview of the Tarantino episodes in the Telegraph, I set up last night's double-bill to record.

Only to find that Five had replaced them with some other episodes. How annoying. I can fully understand cancelling programmes to show news specials when there have been big news stories during the day, but changing programmes around when they have been so anticipated is just daft.

Reminds me of when Bugs was cancelled one Saturday evening because of an IRA bomb, and replaced with an episode of Casualty. As though a drama about the emergency services is somehow more tasteful after an outrage. Besides, and I know I may be alone in this, I rather liked Bugs.

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I remember that! I was looking forward to Bugs and never quite understood why it was replaced with an episode of a programme that all about people getting horribly mangled and sometimes dying. Just didn't see the logic in it...

No longer a problem, of course, as I'm gradually acquiring Bugs on DVD.

I know I may be alone in this

No. It wasn't a timeless pearl of BBC output, but it was good light entertainment. Many ventilator shafts won their Equity cards thanks to Bugs.

Bugs was great. We had it in France and my brother and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Must be a geek thing ;)

It's definitely a geek thing. All those really nifty gadgets that you don't quite know what you'd do with them but all the same they'd be such fun to own. :)

Annoyed me a lot as I had set my Sky+ box to record it and when I sat down to watch them was to say the least disappointed.

Also don't see the reason why unless suicide bombers were involved in the CSI show but from all I had seen on the preview is was not.

Senseless as far as I can see.

I think that is the only time I have complained to the BBC!

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