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Worldcon and the busiest of weeks
kateaw, Beth and I went down to Glasgow SECC the Friday before last (Friday 5 August) for Worldcon, staying in the Moat House until Monday. A very enjoyable convention - we delighted in attending no programme items, but we met plenty of friends and had a fine social time. Several books were bought!

The Moat House was pretty decent. There is a nice pool, good breakfasts and a reasonably priced buffet dinner (which appears to be their standard fare, with just a special con price). It all bodes well for Eastercon next year - which will have the added advantage of the smoking ban. I just hope the committee doesn't negotiate worse food for us in an attempt to be more affordable.

On the way home on Monday 8 August we stopped at Stirling Castle. A lovely bright sunny day - perfect for wandering around looking at all there was to see, including the big new tapestry under construction. kateaw's sister Elizabeth and niece Clare joined us - they had been staying in our house over the weekend while we'd been away. We had a pleasant (but rather expensive) lunch in the eaterie - I was very glad to get my 10% discount for being a Historic Scotland member, but 10% off pricey is still pricey.

Tuesday 9 August was spent catching up with all the things that had accumulated while we'd been away. After a visit to the local pool in the morning, I wrapped and posted 65 items I'd sold on eBay, while the girls had a wander into town to visit the Lammas Market. Claire and Elizabeth jetted off home after lunch.

We had lunch at the Byre Theatre on Wednesday 10 August with scottymcleod, Janice, little Andrew, ggreig and qidane, then they came back to visit us in the afternoon, and we ended up having a pile of KFB pizzas for dinner (after feeding the babies a healthy dinner of Quorn mince and pasta).

On Thursday 11 August we had a dinner party in the evening. tokyo_mb and lilitufire came to stay the night, for a final visit before they head off to their new life together. We were also joined for dinner by dianec42 and stuartc, and qidane and Mary. Solid food, good wine and excellent company.

Friday 12 August saw kateaw's mother Meg and sister Barbara visit us for the day - they were spending the week at a writer's retreat near Ayr, so were near enough to do a day trip. Beth demonstrated her new trick of standing without support. We had a mid-afternoon wander to the beach with dianec42 and stuartc before they left on the first leg of their trip home (or perhaps the start of the final leg of their trip home?).

On Saturday I spent the morning catching up with my eBay sales, and just caught the post at the Pipeland Road Post Office.

Yesterday in the morning we took Beth for her weekly swim at St Andrews Bay. She enjoys it so much. Then Amanda and Colin popped around to give Beth her birthday present, and they joined us for an impromptu lunch. Then qidane helped to fix our bed - to remove the slats, make it firmer, and raise the mattress. After a DIY afternoon, we had a Chinese takeaway and settled down to an evening of Poirot. Good weekend.

This morning I've been packaging yet more eBay items - lots of Laserdiscs this time. kateaw will take them into town to post this afternoon. Next step is sending off for details of several jobs listed in Friday's Scotsman, and writing a todo list for the week ahead. But that is all for after lunch.

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Thanks once again for a great time!

Got to run for my flight - they've now called us - but thank you to you, Kate and Beth...

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