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Ten years a vegetarian
I stopped eating meat in August 1995. I haven't (knowingly) eaten meat or fish since. But I have eaten a lot of Quorn sausages.

I was sharing a flat in Greenside Court with qidane at the time. Since we cooked most of our meals together, his meat consumption dropped considerably too. I don't know whether he has forgiven me for that, but he still often orders vegetarian food when eating out.

I was reading some Miss Marple short stories last night. In one of them - The Herb of Death - Mrs Bantry says: "...don't use the word flesh. Vegetarians always do. They say, 'I never eat flesh' in a way that puts you right off your nice little beefsteak. Mr Curle was a vegetarian. He used to eat some peculiar stuff that looked like bran for breakfast. Those elderly stooping men with beards are often faddy. They have patent kinds of underwear, too."

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congrats on ten years!

Congratulations too. I shan't ask if you've needed special underwear over the years.

That's not nice. I am now thinking of old men in patent leather underwear, and that wasn't a thought I needed to have :)

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