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Fondue party
Fondue party

We'll be having another fondue party on Saturday 24 September, from 7pm. BYOB RSVP

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Steph and I are thinking of coming. We're pondering if it's easier to come by train or by bus...

Train from Edinburgh is quicker, but you'd have to pay more for a taxi to get to their house directly from Leuchars, or deal with the faff of getting a 99 or 96 bus from Leuchars to get as far in as the St A bus station, to then catch a taxi there [saving you approximately 7 quid]...

how much of a walk is it from St Andrews' bus station to the house? The town isn't very big so we might be able to just walk.

The walk is about 20 minutes. Not bad, especially if you get in a wee bit early and window shop along the way. [Tesco is along the way in case you want to shop at this end for drinkies.]

I think the train is best also because they run later on a Saturday.

It would be great to see you - its been a while. I have no idea about the public transport though, as we always travel by car...

Well getting there we can do by bus and take the occasion to do a bit of touristy things in St Andrews during the day, it's going back I'm not too sure about.

It'll be great to see you guys, too :-) is the BYOB for bread? Or just beverage as usual?

We'll make several fondues - a cheese one (emmental and gruyere), a tomato one, and probably another savoury one if we're expecting loads of people - and we'll have plenty of bread. But feel free (but not obligated!) to bring anything else that you think would work well.

That's the weekend just befor we're moving, which means Tom may well be up to help me pack. So tentative yes, depending on how much packing we've done or how tired we are by the evening.

Which also means our fondue set won't be available of course.

We'll just have to get by with what we've got!

qidane has a recipe for a tomato fondue that we want to try, and we've been discussing variations on a chocolate fondue for pudding.

Tomato fondue? Abomination! We'll stop by the KFB first. :)

...don't worry, there will be plenty of cheese too!

Will be there. Pity that's a couple days after your sister leaves... She'd have enjoyed the party!

Bring on the cheesy wonderfulness!

Have a good party and wish K a happy birthday from us both.

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