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The War of the Worlds
I've just discovered that Jeff Wayne is touring his musical version of The War of the Worlds for the first time. So I've booked tickets to see it at the SECC in Glasgow on Saturday 22 April next year. Yay!

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hooray! That sounds like fantastic fun.

I'm coming to see you tomorrow! How exciting is that? I get in to dundee airport at 6pm. Would you be able to come and pick me up then or do I need to go into town and get a bus? Haven't seen you guys for ages, will be lovely lovelyx

We'll be happy to pick you up.

exchellent ... haven't packed yet - might be an idea eh?x

Hell of a long way to go for a concert but we're sorely tempted to join you at the SECC.

The mad thing is that we'll be at the SECC the previous weekend too - for Eastercon.

I'm considering booking tickets for the Bournemouth show, especially considering that Justin Hayward will be on stage!

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