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I spent the weekend recovering from a cold, but that didn't stop us from having a fun fondue party on Saturday night. Guests arrived just after we'd put Beth to bed - in fact, the doorbell rang just as I was finishing reading her the latest chapter of her bedtime story. With loupblanc, sismith42, ggreig, msinvisfem, ormsweird, hobbitomm, meepfrog, qidane and Mary joining me and kateaw, we had a pleasant crowd.

I made a classic fondue with emmental and gruyere, which I cooked rather too vigorously so it didn't entirely cohere, and kateaw skillfully stirred a cider and cheddar fondue, which turned out much smoother. Patience works! We also had a tomato fondue, make by qidane, which was particularly tasty (and took a surprisingly long time to prepare). We'd bought a couple of interesting loaves, and loupblanc and sismith42 brought some home-made brioche. Yummy and much appreciated.

Having carefully organised to serve vegan food in the form of the tomato fondue, I unfortunately did not know that the brioche wasn't vegan, so didn't warn our vegan guest not to eat it. I feel horribly guilty, because I know how I would feel if I was given non-vegetarian food.

A Toblerone fondue with lots of fruit for dipping made a fine pudding, and there were leftovers to eat today. I took qidane's pots back to him after lunch, and Beth walked along the road with me, and walked with Mary around their garden.

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Brioche is the one thats all full of butter isn't it? Thats why it tastes so good but is sooo baaad.

Don't feel bad about it though - you weren't to know and if they didn't, then you really can't be held accountable. If you have special eating habits you have to be aware of whats in certain types of prepared products. On the other hand, I was outraged when Lo's man-friend said he saw nothing wrong with putting chicken stock and/or fish sauce in a dish and feeding it to vegitarian friends. In fact I was so appalled I'm getting cross now just remembering it. For starters, you don't know why someone has chosen not to eat something - whether its a matter of taste, or politics or whether that thing actually makes them ill. For seconds - if someone is your friend, you ought to respect their choices, regardless about how you might feel about that thing yourself. Goodness me!!

Cider and cheddar fondue sounds lovely though ... Hope your colds all better. Mine is pretty much gone now, just an ickle cough *cough*

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