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Tuesday nights
Our Tuesday A&S meetings fell by the wayside earlier this year, but now Beth is getting to sleep more predictably, and the nights are drawing in, I think its time to revisit the idea.

As the A&S content grew less over time, I think we ought to reinvent them as a 'Tuesday Evening Get-Together', from 7.30 to 10pm every week. We'll do the usual - chat and drink tea - with perhaps the additional of games playing, and some cooking.

Let me know what you think, and maybe we'll see you this evening.

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I am in support of this. Transport as you know is always a problem, and I hate asking all the time. We can talk about this in person, perhaps.

Tonight I am babysitting, but will be available next Tuesday evening.


Unfortunately we won't be able to give you lifts (at the start of the evening, anyway), as we do Beth's bath time and bedtime story between 7 and 7.30. Don't know who else with cars will be interested - drat those people who've moved away!

Drat you too, friend - it wasn't MY idea!

Hope you have fun! I didn't realise we were the social glue holding Tuesday nights together... (-:

Its just not the same without you!

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