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Tuesday evening
This evening we made zabaglione, as an experiment to see if it would work for qidane's firework party. Very yummy, but we weren't convinced that it would scale well, and weren't sure that something that rich would work as party food.

Then we played rummy, and qidane won.

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The idea of zabaglione is to only have a small taste with the fruit, rather than a lot. Thus the scale should not be a problem...

But that wouldn't stop people from loading up their plates! You've seen how some of us are at parties... (-:

Exactly - in a self-service buffet, people tend to fill a bowl with pudding. And with something that looks like custard, they are likely to take a lot, even though its so rich that they could probably only eat a spoon-full of it.

Well... if one left a note next to the serving bowl with a health warning, people might take notice. I just fancied zabaglione, and I know qidane could do a good job of it. [WEEPS despondently...]


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