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Christmas Party
We went to the St Andrews Bay Spa Members Christmas Party last night. They offered us a room in the hotel at a very appealing rate, so kateaw, Beth and I stayed the night. I looked after Beth in our room for the first half of the evening, while K attended the party, then we swapped over for the second half. I was asleep when Kate came back to the room, so I think it might well have been a case of Beth looking after me, rather than the other way around. I forgot to take my camera down to the party, but qidane was there with his new camera, so no doubt we'll see some photos on LJ shortly.

As usual, the best bit of staying in a hotel was breakfast. Mmm - we ate well. Oh, and I met Brian Lang at the cereal and fruit juice counter - he was there for a University 'away day'. Because we were hotel guests we were able to take Beth swimming with us, both yesterday afternoon and this morning (as spa members, we can only take children in on Sundays). Beth now takes great delight in being dunked under water.