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The Gas Man Cometh
In order to clear space to build the foundations of our little extension, Fulcrum Connections (aka Transco) are coming to move our gas meter enclosure on Monday morning. Scottish Gas are coming to fit a new meter into the new enclosure, and make sure it is connected to our domestic system, on Monday afternoon.

Since I have grave doubts about two independent companies managing to complete their work to schedule, does anyone in the St Andrews area have an electric fan heater we could borrow on Monday, just in case we are left without central heating?

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Do you have the phone numbers of the builder, joiner, glazier and painter close to hand? :)

Oh, it all makes work for the working man to do

At least all the work they are doing is on the outside of the house, so I'm hoping they can't cause too much chaos...

That's a bit odd. I'm sure that in England Transco are responsible for both the connection and the meter, so in this situation they - or their contractor of course - would do both.

As I understand it, Transco are responsible for the pipework to the property, my gas supplier is responsible for the meter, and I am responsible for everything on the domestic side of the meter.

Might be different where you are, of course. Or I may have misunderstood the division of labour. But when I booked Transco to move the meter, Fulcrum told me that I had to arrange for Scottish Gas to replace the meter on the same day.

The supplier of my new cooker, a couple of weeks ago, failed to (a) deliver in the specified morning timeslot, turning up in the early evening instead and (b) connect it before early evening the next day, although both were supposed to happen at the same time.

All eventually got done, and I am apparently due a refund, but... good luck!

It has to be sensible to plan for the worst case. Sadly.

Cooker was the major stumbling block when we moved in to our new house a few years ago, purchsed the same make of cooker as the previous owner had because we liked the look and were sure it would fit.

When the chap delivered it he would not connect the electrical bit because the previous owner had just cut the end of the 30A cable and put on a 13A plug and used a normal domestic supply, no wonder she did not want to be legally responsible for selling us the cooker as part of the sale.

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