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Gainful employment
I'm starting a six-week contract the week after next, doing PHP programming for Scotland On Line in Dundee. It'll mostly be working at home, with meetings at Scotland On Line in the Technology Park in Dundee and trips to the client's premises in Edinburgh.

It'll be a change working from the Technology Park again - its just across from where I used to work for DMA Design. And it should be a good introduction to contracting.
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Congratulations Toby,

That's awesome news.

That reminds me, at some point when I'll have had time to finally finish my website (...) I'll need to talk to you about that Thawte Web of trust thing and figure out how it works.

And congrats :)

I'd be happy to go through the Thawte stuff with you when you're ready; once you get the hang of it its all quite simple (as long as your mail client supports digital signatures!).

Cool :)

I used www.parasolit.co.uk as my umbrella company - quite cheap, you can do all the timesheets etc onine, and no tax hassles.

The agency (Allegis) recommended that I use Parasol, so I've set up an account with them. Nice to get some confirmation from you that its all a sensible way of doing things!

Good news!

Glad to hear that.

Does happy dance.... Yay!

Hurrah huzzah and big congrautlaions! Brilliant news tobe, and sounds (from what dad's told me) like a good un. Can't believe you have so much snow - after a few flakes the other day it seems to have bypassed us for once. Like you're new picture too - but I'm struck byt how much you look like dad on it, somehow, I think its your smile. Much proudnessx

Its quite an old picture, but I haven't had many opportunities to use it...


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