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On the tiles
The tiler has started work on our kitchen floor this morning. We're having plain white floor tiles, which will be a nice change from the lino that was in the kitchen previously. We've been waiting a while for the tiler to turn up, and the other trades (painter and electrician) can't finish until the tiler is done. Still no word about the rough-casting for the outside of the extension. Unfortunately our regular contact at the joiners (who is managing the project for us) is off ill this week, which explains some (but not all) of the chaos.

I got a new phone last week - a Nokia N70. Only £40 for the upgrade, and lots of nice new toys to play with. Half of the new stuff doesn't work at home though, as we don't get 3G coverage in the house. And I haven't found anyone to make a video call with yet.

After the F1 excitement last weekend, I'm looking forward to the Malaysian race on Sunday. Would anyone like to join us to watch the qualifying (from 1pm on Saturday) or the race (from 3.45pm on Sunday)?