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Mini Mini Mini
The BMW garage in Kirkcaldy had a brunch for customers this morning, so I went with kateaw, Beth and qidane. We ate well, had a good look at the cars on display, and then I won a Mini One Seven for a year in the prize draw. Which was nice. It is red, and we will call it Lorraine.

After that we went to visit gythanorth and Richard. My cat allergy kicked in, and I was quite torpid by the time we got home. Thankfully kateaw was driving.

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Congratulations, that is great news. What does it feel like to win like that? I never have and have always wondered. I'm delighted for you.

It feels funny, rather than anything else. Since its a prize that we didn't expect to win, and didn't have a specific need for, I felt more amusement than excitement. I've always rather fancied the new-style Minis, though, and thought I'd never have one, so it really is rather wonderful.

Wonderful indeed. Do give me a drive in it while I'm there!!!

Is the implication of this reply that your one year's use of the car includes insurance for anyone to drive it? Presumably the idea of giving it to you is that you are supposed to evangelise for the brand (as my marketing lecturer used to say).

My Mum's family had an Austin Seven in the fifties. Presumably BMW bought the rights to use the word 'Seven' on a car. But then there's also the Lotus Seven isn't there? And the Secret Seven.

Unfortunately I had to pay for the insurance myself, but they covered the road tax and everything else. So we'll have a car for the price of insurance and fuel.

And bear in mind that BMW have a history of using 'Seven' on cars... on their 7 series.

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