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Frogmarch 2006
For our Frogmarch holiday this year, we'll be staying at the Friars Carse Country House Hotel, near Dumfries from Friday 12 to Monday 15 May.

Anyone who knows us is welcome to join us. For more details, see:

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Thanks for the link. I have bookmarked it for myself as a reference point. Some mates live in Dumfries, and it might be amusing to have a girlie weekend with them at some point at such a nice venue. Your research will make this possible, so ta.

I sincerely hope you have a grand time. xo

I'm pretty sure that is where we went to design the statements for the Personal Achievement and Effective Selling chapters of Insights Discovery. If it is the place I think it is, there's somewhere in the grounds that Rabbie Burns is supposed to have vandalised a window with a diamond ring. The window is still there.

I can't remember what the rooms were like.

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