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We went to Glasgow last weekend for Eastercon. It was at the Crowne Plaza (formerly the Moat House) at the SECC. Nice location by the river, easy to get to, and reasonable rooms (particularly as ours had been recently refurbished). It was a pleasure being at a con without smoking, and the food in the hotel was significantly better than the recent cons at Hinckley.

Lovely seeing lots of familiar faces, and we had a good social time until Saturday night, when I came down with a deeply unpleasant vomiting bug, which kept me in the hotel room for days. Thankfully the hotel staff were really helpful - especially the first-aider who came to see me in the middle of the night and gave me a couple of bottles of Lucozade that she happened to have in her car. We ended up staying an extra day in Glasgow because I didn't feel up to travelling. At least kateaw and Beth still managed to enjoy the con.

My parents were planning to visit us this week anyway, so they came up a day early and helped us journey home. It was nice to get back! Its not nice being ill, but its worse being ill away from home.

And to cap it all, my iPod broke halfway along the M8 - it hung, so I reset it, and now the hard disk makes nasty clunking sounds when it tries to start up, and it displays a warning folder icon. And the computer can't see it. Its well out of warranty, and I guess it would be prohibitively expensive to repair. Bleugh.