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gythanorth died early this morning. Richard rang kateaw a little before 4am, and she drove down to keep him company and to look after him.

Gytha and Richard changed my life by bringing Kate to one of my BBQs in 2001. Gytha was always good to us, and I know how close a friend she was for Kate. Kate had the opportunity to visit her in hospital yesterday, and came away with memories of her in good spirits.


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Oh, my.

*nothing adequate to say*

I'm so sorry. I think I only met her very briefly at an eastercon once, but she was a good friend of a lot of people I know. Please accept my sincere condolences (and pass them on to anyone else who might want them too).

Hugs to both of you, and thank you so much for taking care of Richard. I wish we could help in some way. (If we can, please let us know!)

more inadequate words

Oh, how sad. I was just thinking about her earlier, funnily enough, a conversation we had 2 or 4 years ago?

Do pass on my love and sympathy to richard and give kate a huge hug and lots and lots of love from mexxxx

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