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MacBook Pro

I went to Edinburgh for a workshop yesterday, to work on agreeing the functionality of the next version of one of the web sites I'm working on. Unfortunately I hadn't factored in the need for any given meeting to be rescheduled at least three times before actually taking place. So I arrived at Scotland On Line's Edinburgh office at 10am, only to find that the workshop with the clients had been put back to later in the morning. Then back to after lunch. Then not happening at all.

Anyway, a byproduct of my time in the Scotland On Line office was having the opportunity to learn about the CMS and version control system that they use. It looks like I will being doing some work for them using that, in addition to the PHP and MySQL programming I'm doing at the moment.

So with the prospect of ongoing work with SOL, together with my new working week having a couple of days in Dundee, I decided it was time to buy a portable as my main development machine, to replace the ageing G4 desktop I'm using at the moment. Luckily I remembered in time that my ‘Select’ Apple Developer Connection membership entitled me to a 20% saving on the cost of a new Mac, so I saved £400 on my new MacBook Pro. Now just have to wait for it to arrive...

(Oh, and it seems that kateaw isn't the only one having problems posting auto-formatted posts to LJ - every time I edit this post it turns 'Auto-Format HTML' off. Time to manually add some <p> tags.)

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Ooh, shiny! You must let us know how the new machine works out for you.

I had a look at the new MacBooks, but am (as ever) a bit put off by the price... I am more put off by the lack of Classic, but I suppose I shall get over that eventually.

Hmm. Haven't had Classic installed since about 2002. What do you still use in Mac OS 9?


Eric's Ultimate Solitaire, and a really really ancient version of ClarisWorks that I could certainly do something about.

I'm still peeved about a highly addictive game called Nahan refusing to run under 9. I may not have good reasons, but I do know how to hold a grudge. (-:

By the by, do you lot have the white or black MacBook (non-Pro) yet? If so, what did you think of those?

I thought the keyboards were frighteningly cheesy. But a black Mac laptop would be cool, in an evil sort of way.

I thought about the black or white MacBooks, but I figured that any computer I buy now will be my main development machine for the next two or three years, so it was worth buying the highest spec available.

And I'm not convinced about the black MacBook: if you configure the white and black the same there is a price premium for the black, and there are too many PC laptops that are dark colours - I prefer a silver or white.

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