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Catching up
We got home on Monday after a week in Salcombe. Lovely weather. Quite the nicest holiday destination.

kateaw will be away this weekend, so I will have fun with Beth in her absence. I was going to organise a BBQ, but the forecast is for rain and more rain. Maybe we'll do something 'last minute' if it turns out nice.

Its Beth's birthday the following weekend. We'll be having a BBQ Birthday Party on Sunday 16 July, from midday. All welcome. There will be jelly and ice cream, and cake.

Meanwhile I read this morning that LJ have launched their own IM system, using Jabber and federating with other Jabber systems like Google Talk. It automatically includes your LJ friends list as contacts. It works fine with iChat. Looks useful.

Oh, and this is my first post typed on my new MacBook Pro. Nice machine, but not a laptop. (It runs too hot to have on my lap...)