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Following on from a conversation yesterday with gypsy0131, it is clear that we have been remiss in not organising more 'medieval' activities in St Andrews. This has partly been because kateaw and I have been so busy with Beth in the last couple of years, but also due to a general dissatisfaction with the SCA, and more particularly with feeling stuck on the periphery of Harpelstane.

But Kate really enjoyed spending a day at Warbands this year, and that helped me to see that a medieval event (whether officially SCA or not) can be as much fun and as enjoyable as one wants to make it. When Elizabeth said that we ought to organise a feast, I approved of the suggestion.

So what about an Xmas feast in St Andrews, perhaps on Saturday 9 December? I know its a while away, but everybody's calendars fill up so far in advance. If it works well, we could get back into the pattern of holding a feast every three or four months.
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The next question is whether to run it as an SCA or non-SCA feast. I guess it would be a major hassle if we tried to do it as a Harpelstane event - not least that we have little contact with the current Harpelstane officers and the silly SCA finance rules requiring the use of cheques for everything. I wonder if anyone in St Andrews is still an SCA member.

Maybe its time to resurrect the Cursus Apri name? (qidane tells me that we have a healthy balance in the Cursus Apri bank account from the feasts we ran a few years ago.)

Why run it as an SCA event? The only thing that it'll bring you is the possibility to publicise it in the newsletters (B'fyr & DT) to possibly get more people.

I'm sure you guys can get enough people to come via the regular channels known as "word of mouth" (or LJ ;)

Cursus Apri. I am amazed you were considering anything else, TBH.

Yep, I was tending to that conclusion myself, but I'm glad others agree.

I was cautious because when qidane, e_halmac and I first started the Cursus Apri feasts, we inadvertently managed to annoy several people - which only came to light months later -mainly through our desire not to offend anybody! Its damned difficult organising anything without somebody reading ulterior motives into it.

Why on earth would anyone be annoyed by... oh, never mind :)

Some people have just too much time on their hands.

As much as I hate to say it, just do it as CA or even a private party-- you guys are already not happy with the SCA, why risk making it worse by adding the SCA's crappy bits to the medieval fun? You can always make some other one SCA if you think it would add to the fun... but if YOU aren't benefiting from being involved with the SCA, why should we (the SCA) benefit from your involvement?

(only, how public would it be as a non-SCA-thing? A friend here on LJ who lives in Fife (the one who inspired my SCA-angst post, actually), wanted to get back into her medieval group for the twice-yearly feasts... would it be ok if I invited her?)

We want to run an inclusive, social event that our friends, our friends' friends, and potential future friends would feel happy attending. Of course you should bring your friend along!

We don't want it to look like a private party, or an exclusive 'St Andrews clique' event. But at the same time there are issues, and legal requirements, to address if one is running an event for the public. Its a difficult balance to strike.

Being an SCA event is almost like having a safety net, which helps to define expectations of the event. But it looks like there is a consensus in favour of it being a non-SCA feast, which I'm pretty happy with.

If it fits in our calendars, you can count on Steph and I to be there. We like feasts :)

Jon and I are also trying to organise a feast, possibly in Glasgow. We'll post more details when we've found a hall and a date, but we're thinking sometime around the end of October.

Just in the nick of time... I leave for California the 12th, so a feast just before I go would fit in beautifully.

I won't be there, but I will be cheering you on in spirit.

I think you guys should just merrily go on your sweet way. If I'm totally honest, the only use I see for the shire is a recruiting ground for interesting people :)

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