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Gradwell and beyond
I've been using Gradwell for my web and email hosting since early 2002. I've been happy with them - the service has been reliable, support has been quick and helpful, and I've hosted email and web sites with them for friends and family.

But... I get the feeling that hosting isn't their priority. They seem to be concentrating on their VOIP business. In the world of technology one expects fast-paced change, and the Gradwell hosting offering in 2006 looks very similar to the package I signed up for in 2002. And the price hasn't changed either.

I had a look around for alternatives, and came up with TextDrive. Their packages are pretty good, they offer hosting facilities that are lacking in Gradwell - svn, dav, SSL certificates - and they don't charge extra for SpamAssassin and email virus scanning. And their current Mixed Grill offer costs about the same as I'm paying to Gradwell each year.

So it was an easy decision to make.

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I don't think I've ever come across web hosting companies that offered packages with a one-time only payment for a lifetime account. That's pretty good and not a bad price either :)

Looks good. Of course, there is a bit of a gamble about it, as one has to assume that they will be around for some time to come.

They probably reckon they'll make money from their 'lifetime' customers in the long run, as we end up buying more bandwidth and domains.

Would you prefer we found another home for my Japan piccies? Not a problem if that's the case?

I'm fine continuing to host your photos. I'll copy the existing files across when I move the domain over this week, and I'll send you the login details shortly.

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