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Saturday lunch
Would anybody like to join us for lunch tomorrow somewhere in St Andrews? Perhaps Aikman's or the Victoria Cafe, or the Oak Rooms on North Street.

We're going to get back into the habit of walking around town every Saturday. We stopped over the summer months, but its good to have a regular outing, now that its getting a bit darker in the evenings.

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I'll bear that in mind re: future visits - our mob generally congregates in Aikman's.

What/where are the Oak Rooms?

The Oak Rooms is the restaurant at the Inn on North Street. Quite pleasant.

The Argyll, as I recall?
Everything keeps changing its name...

I can't remember - I'm not sure I ever went there in its previous incarnation.

Bear in mind that we usually lunch at or before 1pm - with a toddler, we keep to regular meal times.

As silverwhistle mentioned, we'll be in the Cellar Bar, but we do go for a later start; not often before 2 and usually 2:30 or later, in fact, so I guess at best we can hope for an overlap.

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