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Young Beth is keen on CBeebies. Some of it is good, some wears thin. I decided that it was time for Beth to learn about real television, with narrative and explosions and stuff. So last weekend I introduced her to Stingray. Now we have a daily dose of Supermarionation, and I am content in the knowledge that Beth is gaining an important cultural experience.

She asks for Ma’ina, and in goes the DVD.
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Although I have to admit, I always found Thunderbirds boring when I was young, and never saw much of the other series.

I rather like Thunderbirds. We'll move on to that box set next. But it suffers from the 50 minute running time - the 25 min. episodes of Stingray rattle along at a good pace.

I think it's probably the pacing that was the problem.

I suppose she's still a little young for Captain Scarlet. That was always my favourite.

Have you got her onto Roobarb and Will'o'the Wisp yet? And the Clangers? She must be old enough for the Clangers.

We haven't tried those yet. Beth's experience of classic TV is limited to Stingray and The Muppet Show so far, both of which I'm very happy to watch repeatedly on DVD.

I should join her and get properly 'cultured', as I did not get this done on my behalf as a child in the US...


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