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I was at Glasgow Caledonian University for a meeting all day yesterday. I was glad to have taken the train down - despite delays on the way home, it must have been a better way to travel than some of the other researchers who drove down from Dundee, and spent an age stuck in traffic and weather on the M8.

It didn't seem to get light in Glasgow yesterday. Even at midday the sky was dark and threatening. But then the meeting room has a view over Buchanan Street Bus Station, which isn't bright and cheery on even the sunniest of days.

kateaw and qidane and I will be in Glasgow tomorrow evening for the Iron Maiden concert at the SECC. The last time I saw Maiden live was at the Oxford Apollo in 1990 with nihilist00, when I was still at school.

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One of the major reasons I first went east to St. Andrews and the sunshine then headed for the generally warmer and sunnier south east.

What time are you coming over? I know some nice cafés near Hillhead Metro station.

kateaw and I will be travelling down by train tomorrow lunchtime. I guess we'll get into Queen Street between 2 and 3pm. Our plan is to wander around the shops for a while, before heading down to the Crowne Plaza hotel at the SECC and checking in before qidane arrives in the early evening. I'm not sure whether we'll have an opportunity to meet up tomorrow.

Saturday may be another matter, however. After breakfast in the hotel, I don't think we have much planned for the day, other than that I will be getting the train back to Leuchars some time after lunch, and kateaw and qidane will be heading over to Edinburgh for the party they are attending in the evening.

How about Saturday lunch in the West End? I know a good Tapas place. How about all meeting at Hillhead station - what time?

I'll say a tentative yes - but I don't know whether qidane will want to head off to Edinburgh earlier.

Can you give me a ring or text - 07775 795055 - on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, and hopefully I'll have had a chance to talk to Andrew.

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