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Lots of snow falling in St Andrews at the moment. Not much settling, but a lot of slush on the ground. I hope it’ll be ok for driving to my meeting in Dundee at lunchtime.

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Snowing in Leith too, though I can't see what it's like on the ground... I'm guessing "wet" ;)

It`s merely blowing a gale here.

ooh snow! it hailed here yesterday, and apparently its snowing in them thar hills of north lancashire and cumbria, but only blowing houses over here, as yet. Half of lancs roads are closed off because of unsafe stuctures or blown over lorries, and some schools are closing becuase the rooves are blowing off! oh dear!! Hope drive is okxx

The snow has all gone away now, and it just looks cold and wet outside. The meeting has been cancelled, however - we’re doing it by phone instead.

We just had a quite a snowfall as well. Last night it rained buckets, so most of it is washed away. Thank goodness. I was getting tired of shoveling all of the sidewalks around the building. It was a bit of a job.
That's a lot of snow for us - twice in one year. Wow. The first one nearly did us in! I hope that's the end of it.

There keep being rumours of snow here. And they all keep turning out to be in the mountains, well north. Photos or it didn't happen, people!

A photo of snow falling this morning. But not much on the ground.

Not much snow

Yay! (That's still not LA though. :P)

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