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I cancelled our Sky subscription last month. We had so many channels — it felt like a race to catch up with programmes that we wanted to watch. I’ve kept the Sky+ subscription, but without any of the extra channels. Most of the programmes we like are on free-to-air channels anyway, and the other stuff I can pick up with BitTorrent.

So we’re trying to watch more DVDs. What is the point of buying discs if we don’t watch them? So far this year we’ve watched all of the (‘classic’ series) Doctor Who DVDs that have been released so far. Beth enjoyed them and clamoured for more. She greatly enjoyed the Daleks and the Cybermen, and was disappointed when stories didn’t feature one or the other. She was just as enthusiastic about the old black and white stories.

Particular highlights were The Invasion, City of Death and The Curse of Fenric. Watching so many episodes back-to-back reinforced my opinion that Peter Davison was the least interesting doctor, possibly because he was the least alien, but also because so many of his companions were annoying whingers.

Next up is the Bond films. We’ve watched the first few. Now the big decision is whether to watch Never Say Never Again after Thunderball (for a direct comparison), or whether to save it to watch with Octopussy when we reach the 1980s films.

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I vote to save it. I like to keep things in chronological order.

Toby, sorry to bother you on LJ with this but I've tried to email you twice in the last week and it failed twice. It was just to let you know that you can do the changeover now...

Cheers ^^)

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