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Wireless pain
Today I’ve been trying to improve the wireless link between home and qidane’s. It works reasonably reliably some of the time, but at other times the connection yo-yos, which is a pain for video or voice. So I’ve been playing with various settings on the wireless bridge, but the brightest hope has been running a utility which displays ‘hidden’ wireless networks, so I have a better idea where the interference is coming from. There are a surprising number of wireless networks in Brewster Place.

I’ve changed the channel the network is running on, which might help.

Oh, and I’ve also been wrapping up lots of packages — I’ve been selling things on eBay.

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if you've got line-of-sight between the two buildings you might find some milage in using directional antennas for the link - concentrating your radiated power in the direction you want it to go in should make it less vulnrable to interference.

At the moment we have a pair of large omnidirectional antennas (http://www.netgear.co.uk/wireless_antenna_ant2409.php), mounted on the inside of window frames at the front of our houses (the road curves around, so they practically have line of sight antenna-to-antenna, blocked only by a bit of window frame and a plastic drain-pipe). These also serve to distribute signal around our houses.

One option is to mount the antennas outside, on the front of the houses, but they would look a bit unsubtle. And yes, another option would be to use external directional antennas instead, but then we'd have to look at an additional solution to distribute the wireless signal at each end.

Gotta love that ebay. I financed my shipping of boxes of stuff by selling at Ebay. Good stuff.

Hi there. I'm home and only an hour away from you. Kind of cool isn't it?

See you soon hopefully.

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