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Alumni email addresses
St Andrews has started offering alumni email forwarding. Details at http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/alumni/Services/Emailservice/

And a St Andrews email address allows access to the University of St Andrews network on Facebook.

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Although their main network bod has just gone off on holiday for two weeks, so if you don't already have an alumnus web account then you won't get your new email address until at least the third week in August.

No prizes for guessing when I expect to get mine. :)

Did you not have an alumnus web account? They've been going for four years or so, so I figured many people would have them.

Why would one want an alumnus web account? To update personal details with the university, to share with and search for other alumni, to access the (rather feeble) message boards. And now to set up email forwarding.

Hmm. Only the e-mail forwarding sounds vaguely interesting. I guess that's why I'd forgotten they even existed. Still, thanks for letting us know. I'm now in the same boat as sharikkamur.

Yes, I really should let them know where I am and what I'm up to. I updated them when I went to RGU but I don't think I've updated them since I came up here.

I do, but for some reason my browser has lost my log-in details.

In moving to support the email forwarding, they have renamed the login names for the alumnus web accounts to match your old St Andrews login (e.g. mine was tja), but your existing alumnus web account password should work.

Existing one not working. This is the problem.

So I'm going to have an old-style email address? As in I'll be ashjw? Excellent!

(AStronomy Honours nicola Jayne Whitehead - Nigel Wallis in the year above me got ASHNW.)

I am gtdg - my full initials. Hurrah!

Sorry for the reply to such an old comment, but I just got the notification and couldn't for the life of me remember what it might have been before being told.

Congrats on your new old email address!

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