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Frogmarch invitation
Final call for Frogmarch ’08! We’ve booked a house in the Peak District, near Matlock, for the weekend Friday 9 to Monday 12 May. For the uninitiated, most years since 1998 we have organised a ‘Frogmarch’ — a weekend away in a large house with old and new friends. Eating, drinking and a fine social time ensue.

Here’s the link to the house website. Normally it’s a B&B, but we have hired the whole place out in traditional Frogmarch style. It's got nine rooms and can sleep twenty — or up to 26 with folding beds if it comes to it. So it can cope with whatever we throw at it.


We already have about 14 people signed up, so there is room for more. The total cost of the house is £1800, so if we have 14 people it will be about £130 each, plus the cost of food.

For Frogmarch history, see http://frogmarch.com/

Let me know if you’d like to come. All welcome.