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Christmas lunch
We’ll be hosting our annual Christmas carvery lunch on Sunday 21 December. A date for your diaries!

All invited; please let me know if you’ll be coming.

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Will most definitely be there. Can I boldly invite myself up on the Saturday? I have a staff party on the Friday, but would still like to come up for a bit. Would that be okay? I'm thinking, up on the Saturday the 20th, and away on the Tuesday the 23rd. It would be late on the 20th - around dinner and away morningish on the 23rd.

That will be fine.

Would you like to come up for the weekend of 28 Nov too?

Hi Toby,
That's great. Thanks. I unfortunately can't come this weekend as I had committed to a charity tea on Saturday, which was to have been this past weekend, but I was told late last week that it was the 29th instead of the 22nd. I will see you all on the 20th. Big hugs.

We wont be able to attend! :(

We leave the next day for the US and will be in Edinburgh on Sunday.

Are you doing anything for New Years? We should be home and settled back in for that!

Thanks again for lunch on Wednesday... Keith and I had a lovely time!

At the moment we have no definite New Year plans. In recent years we've hosted a dinner party on 31 Dec, and then gone to Andrew's party on 1 Jan, but this year its possible that Beth and Kate will be down the country with my parents (I won't be travelling as I'll be working on-and-off over the break).

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