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Frogmarch 2002 - Whitby
The 1911 census for England and Wales goes live today. Well, for most of England, because the north and Wales haven’t been completed yet.

I’ve been working on this for nearly two years, mostly developing scripts to support the image scanning and transcription workflow, together with creating a database and internal website to use for quality control, analysis and improvement of the data. I didn’t do any work on the web application or the database that is running on the live site.

It is rather satisfying seeing something that I’ve been working on being talked about on the news; it is like when Grand Theft Auto was released in 1997, and we popped into the Virgin Megastore in Dundee at lunchtime to see the game that we’d been working on for so long on the shelves, and then seeing the newspaper stories and reviews.

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I just found my great-grandmother, 26 at the time, and her first two children (5 and 3). She must have been pregnant with no.3 (and went on to have 11 by 1925!) Can't tell which of the similarly-named-similarly-aged blokes is her husband without buying credits though...

*develops new obsession for 2009* Thanks. :D

Splendid! Any idea when East and North Yorks will be available?

Can’t really comment on future plans, other than that its pretty obvious that we’ve been working through England from south to north, and the rest of Yorkshire is next in line. And there will be regular updates of new data, and corrections to existing data.

well done tobes! much proud. xx

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