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Primary colours
Poll #1339809 Primary colours

Which of these do you think of as primary colours?

Red, Yellow and Blue
Red, Yellow, Blue and Green
Red, Green and Blue
Cyan, Magenta and Yellow

Or fill in your own answer here:

(I can’t remember making an LJ poll before, so I thought I’d start with a truly controversial question...)

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And CMY for printers.

Not sure where RYBG comes from though? (No, it couldn't be... Could it...?)

Ha, of course!

Although it has a bit more history than that — da Vinci used RYBG as his colour model, adding black and white too. See the section on da Vinci on http://www.rsc-ne-scotland.ac.uk/ie/Colour_an_Introduction/Colour%20an%20Introduction-188.htm

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