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After an unusually exciting qualifying yesterday, a splendid race today. Lots going on, a good bit of action, a result to applaud, and decent coverage from the BBC. Brundle’s grid walk was particularly fine. Not so sure about Legard’s commentary; he wittered on a bit.

I find it much easier to connect to teams that aren’t owned by big international car manufacturers. Brawn will join Williams in my affections. And good to see Button winning again. (Kate: “His father is looking old. He had black hair when I met him.” Gosh, the small world of Frome.)

Sad to see Massa retire from the race; he is the likeable Ferrari driver. Kate said she liked his beard: “…a little Brazilian.”

Nearly time to head to qidane’s for lunch, then we’ll probably watch the boat race before heading up to St Andrews Bay for a swim. Bright sun and blue sky outside; looking like a good Sunday from here.

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Hope you all have a great day!


So, does that mean it's....

"Frome here to Eternity"? ;)

Frome ageing - it's the down side of being a local big cheese.

No, I didn't. Looks interesting though!

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