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National Treasure
I finished work — involving a lot of catching up with emails from my past week of holiday — and settled down to watch a film. I’m alone in my parents’ house at the moment; Kate and Beth are down visiting Kate’s sister Elizabeth in Kent, and parents are due back from Spain on Saturday. I found a BD of the second National Treasure film sitting next to the TV in father’s study, and it was as light and entertaining as I expected.

Luckily I was able to arrange to work from home for both my jobs this week; Wednesday and Friday are ‘brightsolid’ days, and Thursday is a ‘University of Dundee’ day. I hope to spend my Thursday programming, but will probably be caught up with preparation for the conference we’re organising next week in Loughborough. (With the past weekend in Bradford, and the end of next week in Loughborough, it didn’t seem worth heading back up the country to St Andrews for these few days.)

Little brother Alexander is joining me for Thursday dinner, and we’re heading out to a restaurant on Friday evening.

Had a play with Dreamwidth, as it appears to be the ‘in’ thing. Looks like it will be an improved LJ; will play further if I find an invitation code, or I guess I’ll wait for their launch at the end of the month.