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Russian Caramels
Gosh, what a social whirlwind the last couple of days have been.

An early dinner out yesterday evening with university colleagues at Braes on Perth Road in Dundee. Had a fortifying vegetarian all-day breakfast. Yum. Then, after a brief trip to riverside Tescos to pick up Peroni supplies for Kate’s consumption, we popped up to Kevin’s flat-warming party. We escaped at 11-ish when the others decamped to Fat Sam’s.

Today started with a train to Edinburgh, while Andrew borrowed our car for a Falkirk jaunt. Kate, Beth, Mary and I trotted up to the castle and had a most pleasant time wandering around. Beth particularly enjoyed the one-o’clock cannon. A buffet lunch at Jimmy Chung’s was followed by Andrea’s flat-warming in Leith. Good snacks and good company. Dropped Mary off in Cupar on the way back, and now Kate and I are slumped in front of our evening entertainment — this week’s NCIS and CSI:NY.

Oh, and nibbling on sherbet lemons and Russian caramels we picked up in a little sweetie shop on Cockburn Street, near Waverley.