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Cheesy Sunday
Cheese and biscuits for lunch. We appear to have a lot of crackers in at the moment, mostly left over from Xmas I guess, so an effort was made to tackle them. There are fewer now than before lunch, but it won’t be our last cracker-based meal. Port Salut and Double Gloucester were my cheeses of choice today, with some pleasant caramelised onion chutney.

Beth is having fun playing Boom Blox today. She’s played it before, but today was the first time she has tried the ‘create’ mode. A lot of fun being had there.

I’m working today; database fettling this morning, and writing a scope of works this afternoon. It all requires a little too much brain power for a Sunday.

Oh, and I have a few spare Dreamwidth invitation codes if anyone wants one.

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Invitation code sent to your gmail address.

Thank you!

So I have seen. Will endeavour to update more frequently than LJ :D

I found it did an impressively good job of importing my existing LJ content (and the importer can be safely be run multiple times without create duplicates). And the cross-posting from DW is pretty sound (including updating LJ entries when the corresponding DW entry is edited).

What's the point (genuine question)? LJ is not the best host it could be - but is there anything that makes DW compellingly better?

The initial purpose was set out here: http://synecdochic.livejournal.com/226141.html

It looks like a serious attempt to build a better LJ, run mostly by people who have spent time working for LJ. It aims to solve technical issues, usability issues and business issues with LJ, and they are putting a lot of development effort into the open-source LJ code.

It has the feel of LJ in the early days. Whether any of that makes it compellingly better is a matter of opinion!

They have good tools for importing existing LJ content and for cross-posting, and they are putting a lot of effort into site interoperability.

Hmm, sounds like a wait-and-see. I've got too many unused social site logins already.

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