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Reading RSS
I read a lot of RSS/Atom news feeds; many blogs, some news sources, some automated updates. I’ve moved between various solutions in the past, but never found one I’ve been particularly happy with.

In the past I’ve used NetNewsWire on my Mac, then added the feeds as syndicated accounts in LiveJournal, then back to NetNewsWire, then Google Reader online, then NewsFire on my Mac, then back to NetNewsWire (with its syncing to newsgator.com, keeping the same ‘read’ status between the Mac, online, and iPhone).

For a while I had most of my LJ friends added to NetNewsWire too, using the digest authentication so I could read friends-locked posts, but this wasn’t ideal for keeping up with comments.

Now I’ve moved around again, adding most of the blog-style feeds to Dreamwidth; I’ll see how I get on with them here. I find that reading longer articles works better in a web browser, whether on Mac or iPhone. I’ll keep the news-style feeds (like various BBC news feeds, The Register, MediaGuardian) in NetNewsWire; I don’t think feeds that add tens of items a day are a good fit for LiveJournal-style reading.

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