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Soggy day
Had a very wet walk into town today. And then got wetter later.

We had lunch at Bella Italia. Kate, Beth and I had spaghetti in tomato sauce; Mary (who is staying with us for the weekend) had something meatier. It was quite busy and the service was slow. Beth fidgeted a lot. She was supplied with an activity booklet, a game, and some crayons. I’m not convinced that is the best approach for her — she is capable of sitting at a table in a restaurant without needing something to distract her, but when she starts the meal with kiddie activity distractions I have a feeling that she becomes more bored and fidgety later.

A damp wander along South Street later, purchasing Kate a tartan shawl and Beth some new pink wellies on the way, we had a drink and a biscuit at the Byre, before finding that blue skies and sunshine had emerged for the walk home. Andrew had arrived just a few minutes before we got home, and he took me out for a spin in his new old car, a dark blue ex-Police Volvo estate. I feel he ought to have “To Protect and Serve” written on the doors. Or maybe it should be referred to as Ford Timelord.

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