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Worrying about jury service
Church Square
I received a registered letter through the post yesterday, calling me for jury service at the beginning of June.

I’m concerned that I can’t afford to do it. From reading the supplied leaflets, it appears they will pay a maximum of around £62/day for loss of earnings. For my contracting days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), this means I will be losing around £150/day compared to my usual daily rate.

For my university work (Tuesday and Thursday), my contract has recently been extended to the end of June, and I have work to fill all the remaining time; time off at the sheriff’s court would impact on the project (but I assume the university would continue paying me).

I’ll give them a ring on Monday morning to see what the options are. But I can’t see myself being a useful juror if I’m worrying about how much money I’m losing from being there.

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