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Off to the moors
Another year, another Frogmarch. Every May we head away for a long weekend with friends. This year we’ve rented a house called Baysdale Abbey, which is a little way inland from Whitby. We will have thirteen adults and assorted children. We’ll be driving down tomorrow, to arrive in time for tea.

As usual, Andrew and I have planned the catering. We should have fun cooking. A few years ago we had our Frogmarch at a house in Norfolk that had an Aga; that introduced a pleasant element of experimentation in the kitchen, but I think we’ll be on a regular cooker this time.

Friday dinner

Pan-fried chicken
Spaghetti Napoli (with basil, parmesan, capers and olives to taste)
Garlic bread

Ice cream

Saturday breakfast

Corn flakes
Bacon, fried eggs and mushrooms
Toast with jam or marmalade

Saturday lunch

Packed lunch kit (bread, cheese, pickle, ham, mustard, crisps, fruit, chocolate biscuits)

Saturday dinner

Velouté d'asperges

Haloumi and mixed pepper tartlets, with rocket leaves & balsamic

Pommes de terre Anna

Strawberry shortcake

Cheese & biscuits

Sunday breakfast

Corn flakes
Sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, baked beans, mushrooms and black pudding
Toast with jam or marmalade

Sunday lunch

(same as Saturday lunch)

Sunday high tea

Roast meat (locally bought; to be decided), served with vegetables and bread & butter
Welsh rarebit

Scones with clotted cream & jam
Dundee mincemeat cake
Tea loaf
Chesil Beach cake
Marzipan fruit

Monday breakfast


Many of the recipes are from my favourite cookbook; Marguerite Patten’s Classic Dishes Made Simple (1969). I have my grandfather’s copy; when we moved out of the flat in 1998, Andrew had a long search to find his own copy.

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