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Mmm toasties
We were banned from making toasties in the work kitchen some time ago, due to the lingering smell and complaints from the MSc students1 who had to work in the room that contains the kitchen. The rules appear to have been relaxed recently, however, so James, Alex, Alastair and I made a quick trip to the DUSA shop and stocked up on toastie ingredients.

Needless to say, we are now well fed. James and the toastie machine were as one, like a cybernetic crispy high-fat food production engine. Now all we have to cope with is cakes at 3.30pm — Thursday is CMRU2 cake day.

1 — But the MSc students are from mechanical engineering, and we are civil engineering, so we don’t have that much sympathy.
2 — Web page amusingly out of date: last updated December 2000 if you believe the footer.

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