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Home from the moors
We spent the weekend at Baysdale Abbey, in a sheltered valley on the North York Moors. Good company, a fun time spent cooking, too much eating, and a bracing walk up a hill — not an unusual Frogmarch.

The countryside was impressive, the house was well equipped (although some things required a bit of searching), the beds were comfortable, and our bedroom was massive. The house was surrounded by fields of sheep and their lambs. Beth had a fun time cycling around on her pink bike, and greatly enjoyed playing with the other children, Eleanor and Matthew. A lack of mobile reception was a minor irritation.

On Sunday afternoon we gathered everyone around the kitchen table to make marzipan fruit (or non-fruit, as most of them turned out), with some food-colouring pens for decorating the miniature sculptures.

It came to me later that the only thing missing was the sea; if I’m going to travel hundreds of miles for a holiday weekend, and if I’m going to put up with that amount of wind and rain, I want to be on the coast, not stuck inland.

After a surprisingly easy drive home yesterday, and getting Beth to an early bed, Kate and I settled down last night with our comfort foods of choice: Kate had a bowl of ice cream and I had a fried egg sandwich.

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