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Brackets and films
Andrew joined us for breakfast this morning, then helped attach brackets to Beth’s bedroom wall. Now her Mac Mini and monitor are hanging on the wall behind her table, giving her more space to work and play. We had fun cutting down one of the brackets using my Dremel; there is something very satisfying about dremelling away at a bit of metal. We got through several cutting discs; one disintegrated and nicked the end of my nose — a tiny cut, but painful like a paper cut. Gosh how I suffer.

Kate and I watched a great British political film this afternoon: Carry On At Your Convenience. A biting satire on workplace relations, it accurately captures the idiocy of union disputes. With its resolution involving the wives and mothers of the striking men overriding the inane union rhetoric in order to end the strike, it foreshadowed by more than ten years Thatcher’s reformation of union law, which removed union action as an impediment to the success of British industry. Oh, and it had lots of lavatory humour.

This evening we watched Sweeney Todd. A fine and mesmerising film. Depp gave an excellent performance, as did Rickman. Not so sure about the women, but maybe I’ll revise that on repeat viewing. There was an almost amusing quantity of blood — nearly at Sam Raimi levels. I was mildly familiar with the music; will have to find some old cast albums on Spotify.